The bread and butter of Paris Sightseeing

There's more than museums and monuments to look out for when you're in Paris, there's also the search for the perfect baguette.

The French take their bread very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that it's often suggested that a bread shortage was one of the causes of the French revolution.

Any proper Parision will make sure he or she knows where the best bakeries ("boulangeries") are and there's often debate over which boulangerie has the best baguette in town.

If you're in search of this perfect prize, one place to start looking is Rue Montorgueil in the first arrondissement, right in the heart of Paris. Although it was the subject of a famous painting by Monet, the street doesn't get much of a mention in the sightseeing guides.

However, that's a bonus for the tourist who likes to leave the beaten track as it gives you a real slice of French life.

It's the place to go for food and drink in Les Halles and the shops, cafes and bars are popular with the people of the quartier.

And, like all good French people, they demand the best for their palates.

But, for the best of the best baguettes, try La Maison Stohrer at number 51 Rue Montorgueil.

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