Weekly Rollerblading Tour Of Paris

There are lots of sightseeing tours in Paris, but the regular Friday night rollerblading tour is perhaps the most unique and the most fun.

With up to 5,000 rollerbladers, it's both an exciting activity and a spectacular sight to see.

How To Take Part:

"Paris Roller" takes place at 9.30 pm every Friday night.

The tour leaves from Place Raoul Dautry in Montparnasse (metro Montparnasse Bienvenue) and returns back there 3 hours later.

The route changes each week (so you get to see different places if you're a regular) is approximately 30km long.

Is It Legal?

Yes. The tour organisers work closely with the Police. There are motorcycle police to go ahead of the bladers and open the roads for the skaters. There are also rollerblading Police taking part in the procession along with the other skaters.

Where can I find out more?

Visit the official site here: Pari Roller (there are versions of the site in French, English, Spanish and German).

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