Visit the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter (or "Quartier Latin") provides some of the most romantic sightseeing in Paris.

The area gets its name from its proximity to the Sorbonne.

The Sorbonne is Paris' (and France's) most famous and prestigious university and, in its early days, the scholars would speak in Latin. And, this led to the area near the University being nicknamed "the Latin Quarter".

If you go to the quarter today, you'll see many students (though, nowadays, they speak French!). You'll see them in the cafes and bars, at the cinemas and, at lunchtime, eating lunch in the many parks that are close to the University.

The most famous of these - and a must if you are sightseeing - is the Jardin Du Luxembourg. This is a beautiful park where people go to play sports, to jog and, most importantly, to hang out with friends and watch the people go by.

The jardin ("garden") is also home to the Palais du Luxembourg which is the home of the French senate.

Jardin Du Luxembourg - Paris Left: Palais Du Luxembourg in the Jardin du Luxembourg

Other sites to see in the Latin Quarter

Among the other sites to see in the area are St Sulpice, the Pantheon, the Sorbonne, Place St Michel (and its fountain) and Boulevard St Michel.

Nightlife in the quartier

One of the best times to visit the area is in the evenings. It has a vibrant nightlife and many nice, bars, cafes and restaurants.

You will also see street performers (musicians, magicians).

If you take the Paris metro to either St Germain des Pres or Mabillon, you will have no problems finding somewhere nice to eat or drink. Alternatively, get off at St Michel and walk up the Boulevard Saint Michel and enjoy that special "Paris at night" ambiance.

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